Wednesday, April 21, 2010

10 Rules of Basic Etiquette for the non-Crafty:

1. Just because I am crafting in a public place does NOT mean I am fishing for compliments, comments, advice. etc…. I am minding my own business, how about you minding yours. Plus, before you decide to help yourself to my personal private space, from my crafting supplies, equipment etc. please pass me your wallet. If your gonna snoop in my personal belongings I get to snoop in yours.

2. Do not rubberneck my crafting project from two tables away or over my shoulder for 10 - 15 minutes watching me, then have the audacity to ask me “Did you do that?” You will get the “Nope. My invisible friend Matilda did it, but doesn’t like to feel like a freak so I fake it for her.” Plus do NOT crowd me, most crafts have sharp ended tools and I am not adverse to jabbing you with one so you get my point.

3. When gushing “I could never do that” be honest with yourself and the crafter in question, finish the sentence with “because I do not have the patience and I am a abject moron.”

4. All Family & friends, if I ever chose to create something for you it is an honor. It is NOT like going to the store and just picking something up. Creating the gift takes time, forethought, pre-planning, and time management. Keep in mind socks are NOT simple, neither is a scarf or a hat, they are basics where we learn and try new design and pattern ideas. Be very honored when we feel a practice piece is worthy of gifting to you.

5. NEVER EVER gift yarn, notions, patterns expecting it to be used for you. Do not hint that I make you something. Ask me simply and straightforward. I may or may not make it for free if you buy the yarn, or may charge you for my time… either way be proud and humble to think I would even consider doing it for you since you are too lazy to learn to do it for yourself.

6. If gifted with a handmade crafting item, thank the creator profusely even if you never want a hand made gift from them ever again, then state its beautiful and I’ll cherish it but handmade is really not your thing. This gets the giftee and the creator off the hook for more gifts that can be appreciated better by someone else on the creators list

7. If you are the recipient of a handcrafted item and decide within 2 years its not the thing for you, offer it back to its creator before selling it or regifting it to someone else. Its insulting to ask about a piece made for you to find out you donated it to goodwill, I got $5 at my garage sale for it, or hear from you “oh, that grey sweater. I gave it to my ex-boyfriends girlfriends best friend because it just wasn’t me.”

8. If the hand crafted item is wearable then WEAR it, if it is decorative USE it. If you are so overwhelmed that you want to take care of it so it won’t get destroyed FRAME it. If you choose to do none of these things give it back to the person that made the item because you do not deserve it.

9. Do not blame the creator if a thing you have bullied them into making for you does NOT turn out the way you want it. If you are so damned picky take the time to learn the craft and make it for yourself.

10. We craft because it relaxes us, we enjoy it, we can take our time and be proud of what we are doing. Selling our creativity for profit will stress us out, put us under deadlines, and generally make us want scream. That is why it is a hobby and not our JOB so quit pestering us by how much money we could make yadda yadda yadda.


Becky said...

Well said :)

Kylie said...

Oh - there is a story behind this - do tell:)

You know that I would love anything made by you (oh and I get a chuff every time I see something you have ceated and hink to myself 'I showed her how to knit - I helped her get started') I love and cherish the stitch markers that you gifted me as a thankyou all the time:)

Shannon said...

Very awesome. Thankyou for this, it's wonderful

BumNRound said...

Yes I am thinking there is a story behind this.

It's a very very true set of statements. Do you mind if I share the link???

Miss Rosie said...

So well said. I think sometimes people who don't craft don't get the sentiment that something you make is worth so much more then what you can buy. I would love to give away hand crafted items for gifts exclusively and not buy items but don't as I am sure people would see it as being tight and not appreciate the feeling behind it.

I recently found a singlet at an op shop that had been appliquéd and sold but I'm guessing a WAHM. I bought it for $1.50 I am pretty sure she would have sold it for more than that.

I love it but unfortunately my baby boys isn't one for cupcake themed clothes. I have it put aside to give to someone or just give to a loving home.

I would be devastated if someone did that to something I made.

knitknotnat said...

How many knitted gifts get put through the washing machine too?! I was just thinking yesterday that I might stop knitting for others and finally make a few things for myself (revolutionary I know) :)

tikki said...

Oh Kelly that is hilarious!!!
So well said. I must find a reason to link to this if it's ok. But yes, do tell the story.!!!

Hope all is going well for you.

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