Saturday, January 31, 2009

Baby Socks!

I finished the baby socks! These were knit on two 2.5mm circular Addi turbo's using a fraction of a skein of opal sock yarn in the rainforest colourway. Seriously, the skein was 100 grams, and I have enough sock yarn left over to knit myself a pair of ankle socks. I will probably really do this, as I love the colour of the yarn so much. I am really enjoying knitting socks, as I get better and faster at picking up the gusset stitches for every sock I knit. Just because they were baby sized didn't make them any easier to knit. I actually think that they took almost as long as an adult sized pair of socks, simply because the sock is smaller and requires more concentration. I am very pleased with how these turned out. I really love the way that the yarn patterned differently for each sock. I was asked if I minded that the socks don't match and I said "Nope, they are handknit". This just makes them more special. :) So now, on to what I know you are all waiting for.

Now that these are finished, maybe I can get back to knitting "Checkmate" for Jayden. Is it too hot to be knitting a sweater? Maybe I will knit some more socks.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Some FO's, WIP's and a general update

My baby boy has decided to sleep in, and I awoke early this morning, so I have had heaps of time to upload photo's of all the projects I have been working on lately.

No further progress has been made on checkmate, although my fingers are itching to work with some 8 ply yarn again.

My latest WIP is a pair of baby socks for my friend Sharon. Her baby Eli is 1 week old today. I have completed 1 sock, and to prevent second sock syndrome, I have already cast on the next one and have done 1/3 of the leg already. I am using a ball of Opal sock yarn in the "rainforest" colourway and knitting the socks up on a pair of 2.5mm addi turbo's. I am just using a free pattern from Ravelry that has 2x2 ribbing all the way around the leg and then the ribbing continues right down to the toes. They knit up relatively quickly, mainly because the length is so short.

I knit a creative critter cozy for DJ. Sort of like an ipod sock, but it's not for an ipod. I made the pattern up from scratch. :D I knit the cozy with 2.5mm addi turbo's and 4 ply bamboo. I loved the feel of the bamboo while I was knitting it, although it was a little prone to splitting and very slippery. Maybe next time I will use a bamboo blend to overcome the extreme slipperyness.

Oh, the next update is all of the wonderful amigurumi critters that my little sister has been crocheting for Jayden. She did a lot over the Christmas period. My bookshelf is almost full of critters now! Just look at how crafty she is. :D

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Checkmate progress

The latest project is Checkmate! I love this pattern, it's easy to follow, but it just looks so effective. I am using 8 ply Cleckheaton Country in Sage, and the pattern estimates I will use around 5 balls. I am knitting to gauge on 4.5mm needles. I am making this in the 1-2 years size and I have just finished the back.... and it is huge!

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