Saturday, January 31, 2009

Baby Socks!

I finished the baby socks! These were knit on two 2.5mm circular Addi turbo's using a fraction of a skein of opal sock yarn in the rainforest colourway. Seriously, the skein was 100 grams, and I have enough sock yarn left over to knit myself a pair of ankle socks. I will probably really do this, as I love the colour of the yarn so much. I am really enjoying knitting socks, as I get better and faster at picking up the gusset stitches for every sock I knit. Just because they were baby sized didn't make them any easier to knit. I actually think that they took almost as long as an adult sized pair of socks, simply because the sock is smaller and requires more concentration. I am very pleased with how these turned out. I really love the way that the yarn patterned differently for each sock. I was asked if I minded that the socks don't match and I said "Nope, they are handknit". This just makes them more special. :) So now, on to what I know you are all waiting for.

Now that these are finished, maybe I can get back to knitting "Checkmate" for Jayden. Is it too hot to be knitting a sweater? Maybe I will knit some more socks.

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