Saturday, September 19, 2009

Beads, beads, glorious beads!

I've recently fallen in love with beading. I have come to realise that I love jewellery and now I can make it. :D What does a knitter make when she learns to bead? Stitch markers of course!

I want to learn to crochet something like this beautiful beaded bracelet...... with wire!


KnittyBec said...

Your stitch markers are absolutely beautiful. You are super talented making them.
The bracelet you like is lovely too.I want to learn beading now just so I can make gorgeous things.
By the way great to see you posting again.

Kylie said...

:) puts hand up for some of those stitch markers:)

I have a book here that you can have - I am NEVER going to use it - and think that you could put your new skills to good use with some of the ideas in it - think that I might also have a wire jewellery book here - will look for it for you:)

Mrs Tessyman said...

Oh your stitch markers are gorgeous! I am so jealous of your skills! :D

If you ever need a home for the stitch markers I will happily give them a good and loving home :D

Ice Princess said...

Those SM are absolutely beautiful!!!!!

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