Saturday, November 21, 2009

A decidedly non knitty post

Yesterday, the local grocery store decided to have a "market day". A lot of things went on special just for the duration of the day.
* I scored 12 Chicken Jumbo's (sort of like a chicken burger patty but thicker) from Lenards for $6.
* I picked up a loaf of bread from Brumby's for $1 (we've eaten half the loaf already because it was so soft and fresh).
* I picked up 10kg of navel oranges for $1. Yes, they were 10c a kilo. Win!

I went home and made orange juice.... and those 10kgs made up about 3.5 litres. It is the best tasting orange juice I have ever had! Jayden helped with the whole process, of course. :) Here he is lining them up in a nice neat row for me....

.....and then here he is eating the peel off one.

He kept pointing at them saying "Orange, orange". Occasionally, he would run off with an orange and hide it in with his toys, so whenever I saw him leave the room, I just knew what he was up to.

See how the oranges were halved, sitting in the bowl? Well that must have looked quite appealing to Jayden, because he kept helping himself. He LOVED it! He was super sticky afterwards, but DJ was the one to bathe him that night. Lol!

I went to Melbourne for the weekend and caught up with the In-Laws. Jayden loved all of the extra attention and he just had a blast.

We went shopping out at the Chadstone Shopping Centre, and it drove me a little nuts. Roadworks and other people driving on the road... makes for a very nervous me! I also got to meet my niece for the first time! My Brother-in-Law Andrew and his partner Rose had a little girl about 3 months ago, and the named her Tahliah. She's a sweet baby. It's amazing how quickly you forget how small they used to be. *sigh*

I also had the opportunity to make some memory wire crystal and pearl bracelets. The first one (purple) was for my Mother-in-Law. When she went home, her daughter Kat loved it so much that she started wearing it. Rose and I got onto the subject of beading, and she is a fan as well. I asked Dave if he could bring me down the other kits, and I made them both at the same time. I think that they turned out really well! I love beading, it's quick, fun and they make great presents. Beware though, it is really addictive.

When we returned home from Melbourne, I put Jayden's Birthday blanket in his cot. He absolutely loves it, 100%. I think it is because of all the lovely bright colours. It's lighter in weight than the blanket that he had on his cot, but really, it's perfect for this time of year.

Then we played peek-a-boo!

After that, Jayden saw Foofy, one of my childhood stuffed animals up on the top of his chest of drawers. I grabbed him down and let him have a play. I told Jayden that he needed to be very careful. So he gave Foofy a big cuddle and a kiss. It was so sweet!

Then I dressed Jayden for Santa photo's and headed off for that. Jayden was not particularly keen on the idea of Santa, and refused to be put down. In the end, I had a gold blanket draped over me and Jayden sat on my lap while I sat next to Santa. I hope that next year is a little better.

Then when we got home, Jayden crashed and went straight to sleep.

BTW, it's hot. 40 degrees + is not cool.

I have been doing knitting, and buying yarn, but I will save that for another post.

Of course, I get all of this done on the good days. On the bad days, well, it is just hard enough getting out of bed and getting dressed.


franno said...

what a brilliant post!!!
next time you're in melb we should try to meet up! i go to chadstone sometimes, even though yea it can be quite busy!
i love freshly squeezed oj...and I love jayden's birthday blanket so much!!!!!

Kelli said...

Super great post!

i want his birthday blanket!!! Did you make that? Can i pay you to make me one?

sapphire_kittum said...

Hi Franno, if I was in Melbourne for more than just the weekend, I would have definitely called you. I think we are going for one last trip down to Melbourne before we move, so I will be in touch. :)

sapphire_kittum said...

Hi Kelli,

My sister crocheted the blanket for Jayden, did I forget to mention that in the post? It took her 4 months to do, so it was a huge project.

ewigweibliche said...

Several things:
*I'm glad you are keeping crafty. I love that art is your buoy these days.

*That blanket of Jayden's is beautiful!

*You look great these days. No really. I know you're gaining weight, but you carry it well and look super healthy.

Mrs Tessyman said...

Wow - what a fun filled day! You accomplished SO much! By the end of it I would have been like Jayden - camped out on the bed!

The birthday blanket is gorgeous, but I LOVE the bracelets you made! Your stitch markers are also so brilliant!

Where are you moving to honey? (can I ask why you are moving?)

Jayden is such a little cutie - and so well behaved! Ben would probably have played ball with the oranges! (or thrown them at scarlett!)

skurviee said...

I love love his blanket. It is so bright and cheery. :)

Also Jayden looks smashing in his little suit vest outfit.

KnittyBec said...

What a great day, thats so funny about Jayden stashing oranges in his toys, so cute. I love his blanket too, it looks fantastic.

Where did you get your knit t-shirt? Its excellent.

sapphire_kittum said...

Hi Ewigweibliche,

As you know, I am obsessed with knitting, crocheting and collecting yarn. Honestly, I do not know what I would do without it. It certainly makes me feel good.

I love the blanket too! My little sister crocheted it up for him in 4 months, and gave it to him for his birthday. I love how vibrant it is.

I'm trying to keep the weight off, but the medication makes it difficult. I'm doing everything I can. I know as soon as I get off the meds, my weight will stabilise again. Thank you for saying I look great, it's kind.

sapphire_kittum said...

Hi Kerry,

We didn't do all of that in one day. It was sort of spread out over a 3 day weekend. :) I would be exhausted if I tried to do all of that in one day. :)

The bracelets were great. They came in a little kit, and all I had to to was thread the beads and pearls on and turn a loop at the end to stop them all falling off. They were very well recieved.

Luckily Jayden didn't want to throw the oranges, just hide them and eat them. Cheeky little boy was grabbing the ones that I had cut up for the juicer and eating them! Then he ran everywhere trying to spread the stickiness.

sapphire_kittum said...

Hi Skurviee,

Thanks, I love it too. It's even big enough that we can put in on a single bed when we move him out of his cot.

I love that outfit too! It was the first time that he has worn it. It was one of his birthday presents from the relatives.

sapphire_kittum said...

Hey Knittybec,

I should bring the blanket to knit night next time. :)

I got the T-shirt from here:

I have another 2, and I will try to remember to wear one when I next see you. :)

MORGAN said...

love all the pictures!!!!! you have the cutest boy ever, and I love his blanket, and this post really brought me into your life which is lovely!

MORGAN said...

(love the t-shirt too!)

Kate said...

Snort! Giggle! My sister has her arm in the photo of my then 2yo nephew visiting Santa. He's sitting as far away from Santa as possible and stil be in the frame... her arm is clamping him there!

I love this blanket. It's so simple and so incredibly effective. Well done!

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