Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Sewing, knitting and baking! :)

Hey all, it's been so long since I posted. Sorry about that. I've been crafting on and off; sewing, knitting and baking cool things. First up: Sewing! I made myself a knife roll for work at the start of the year. I also made one for my boss as a present.
Next up: Knitting! I knitted a little purple Milo for a friend's baby. She was thrilled with it.
I also knitted a pair of Newborn Ladybug Loops shorties. They're so cute! I forgot how small newborns are.
Lastly: Baking! I have been teaching J to bake. He can make cookies, pancakes and he helps with a lot of other things. He's a natural, like his Mum. :)
He is quite pleased with himself.
I created a new type of cookie at work last year. It is a gluten free cookie with marshmallow in the centre. I called them "pillows".
Last, but not least. I created a minecraft cake. It was a mudcake, covered in buttercream icing, layered with marzipan and then I applied around 250 "pixels" made from plastic icing. This was my inspiration: A minecraft grass cube.
This was my cake!
I promise I will try to be around a bit more. I am ever so slowly knitting again, so keep an eye out for that. <3


Becky said...

That cookie looks fantastic! Your helper looks pretty cute in that hat too :)

Kellykat said...

Thanks Becky. He loves to help, because he gets to wear the hat. ;)

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