Friday, November 7, 2008

Curly Purly Soakers

I finished the Curly Purly Soakers for Jayden. The pattern was bit vague in places, but I have an excellent interpreter. :) Next time I knit these, I will skip the short rows. I used 3.5mm, 4mm and 4.5mm addi turbo's and Cleckheaton 8 ply yarn (possibly 2 balls in total). These were fun to knit, once I really got stuck into it. I knitted the largest size and the fit great.


Kylie said...

Oh look at that cloth bum - too cute - well done

Kate said...

They look too weird when Jayden's not in them! I would never know that they're soakers unless you'd told me. But once they're on, what a Prince! Are they working well?

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