Thursday, October 8, 2009

Beading and pondering

Having recently splurged on some lovely pearls from the States, I thought that I'd better use them up. So, I sat down last night and made some stitch markers. These are slated for gifts and I love that they were relatively quick to whip up, once I settled on a design. These are different to the first few sets of stitch markers that I made, because my skills have developed. These have a jump ring on top as opposed to a loop of tigertail. The jump rings will fit 5-5.5mm needles.

I've recently discovered that I really love beading. I love the sense of accomplishment. It's almost as good as the buzz I get from knitting and crocheting! So I've been thinking lately that I might open up an Etsy store. What do you think? Would you buy my stitch markers?

These ones are made with seed beads, pink swarovski crystals and cultured pearls with crystals.

These ones are made from seed beads, crystals and cultured pearls with crystals.

I've also made a couple of bracelets.

This one is made of swarovski crystal keystones and seed beads. It's for my Mum.

This one is made from glass pearls and crystals and is for my Mother in Law. She loved it so much when I gave it to her, it really made my day!

A pair of pearl and crystal earrings for a dear friend. :)


KnittyBec said...

Absolutely Beautiful, you are talented, I for one will be lining up to buy your stitch markers or anything else you make actually, everything looks great.

Mrs Tessyman said...

Your earrings, stitchmarkers and bracelets are brilliant! When you set up an etsy shop I will be first in line to buy some stuff!

You are so talented! :D

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