Friday, January 1, 2010

2009 Craft Summary

2009 has been a very productive year for me! Here is my list of what I have completed this year:

1. Tiniest Socks Ever
2. Check Mate! Sweater
3. First Love Longies
4. Water Sprite Shorties
5. Felted Slippers
6. Silver Fetching
7. Silk Garden Gloves
8. February Lady Sweater

9. Fruit Tingles Socks
10. Beachcomber Cabled Vest
11.Swallowtail Shawl "Rosebuds"
12. White Chocolate Milo
13.Felted Gusto Bag
14. Purple Storm Ishbel
15. Full Length Fetchings
16. Owlish
17. Midnight Fetching
18. Plum Fetching
19. Caution: Contents Hot
20. Colour of Magic Scarfette
21. Nice 'n' Bright bag
22. Baudelaire - The Flowers of Evil socks
23. Liesl
24. Nice 'n' Girly bag
25. Rainforest Toddler Socks
26. Gail A.K.A "Nightsongs"
27. Just Right and Bigtime Washcloths
28. Vineyard Washcloth

I've learnt a lot. I learnt to crochet, I learnt how to knit shawls, I learnt how to knit from the toe up in sock knitting, I've knit garments, I've knit for swaps, friends, babies, myself and for Jayden. Next year I am hoping to be just as creative.

Very soon I will post my knitting intentions for 2010, so keep an eye out for that.

Happy New Year everyone!


david santos said...

I am to see the End of Year 2009 for 2010 in Australia Fantastic. Have a Very Nice New Year 2010.

MORGAN said...

that's quite the list! I should make one myself... good idea!
you're magnificent, girlfriend!

Kylie said...

Well done in 2009 - and to think that you only started in 2008:) You have come far my friend and have knitted things that I myself have never even done:)

Kate said...

That's gobsmacking! Are you adding spinning to 2010 list like Becky et al is?

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