Sunday, June 21, 2009

WIP update!

I have finally started the Swallowtail Shawl! It was really sketchy to start with, resulting in me frogging it no less than 9 times, but thanks to Mamasue and her edited pattern, I am off to a flying start! The pattern finally makes more sense to me. I can easily see myself knitting this pattern in the future, with less tears.

I bought myself a pair of circular knitpro needles for this one and they are divine!!! The point is nice and sharp and it holds onto the seasilk so well. Yummy! The seasilk is such a pleasure to work with, so silky and soft. I can't wait to finish it and wear this shawl.

I have also started knitting a little car vest for Jayden's 2nd birthday. It is very repeatitive at the moment, round and round in knit, but when I get to the intarsia cars, it will be a lot of fun. I'm being very good and only using yarn from my stash for this project: 1 ginormous ball of Bendigo Woollen Mills 5 ply for the body as well as a few little bits of colour for the cars.

Again, it will look very smart when finished. I've been getting a lot of this done while watching TV.

1 comment:

Kylie said...

Looking good - I have some red and green 5ply in my stash if you would like to use it for the cars if that helps too!

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