Saturday, May 2, 2009

Projects for May & Checkmate action shots

Projects for May

* Felted slippers for Jayden in Lincraft Cosy Wool 'Aqua Varigated' - One down, one to go!
* Ribbed skinny scarf for me in Jo Sharp 'Lumina'
* Tassle bag in Jo Sharp 'Lumina'
* Shorties for Jayden in Knitspirations 'Water Sprite' and Cleckheaton Country

Looks like it will be a busy month.... not too sure if I will get it all done. Working with Lumina is quite hard, as it is a slippery, slick yarn and the sequins snag like you wouldn't believe. If I can at least get these projects all started on the needles, that will be great.


We had a very chilly morning today, so I decided to put Jayden into Checkmate for the first time. :)

He was trying to wriggle away and I snapped this adorable belly chub photo. Oh, if you only knew the hours I've spent kissing this chubby little belly. ;)

A nice posing photo. Amazingly, he sat still for 20 seconds!!!

I'm very impressed with how this sweater looks when it's on him. It's nice and stretchy, the shawl collar sits nice and flat and it's lovely and warm. It will definitely fit him all through this Winter. So far, he has not tried to chew on the cuffs and pull out threads. Perhaps he is past that stage?

Thank you for looking.


Mrs Tessyman said...

Oh Kelly it looks brilliant! I am so jealous of your knitting! I doubt I could do anything like that :(

KnittyBec said...

It looks gorgeous, I love the colour. Jayden has grown up into such a little boy.

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