Saturday, May 16, 2009

Water Sprite Shorties!

They're finished!!! Yay!!!

I actually finished this project last week, but I procrastinated knitting the i-cord for the waistband. I find i-cords too easy and therefore boring. Anyway, I sat down this morning and told myself that before I start knitting a new project that I have to finish an old one first. So I chose the Water Sprite Shorties. They look amazing and they fit Jayden perfectly!

Pattern: Ladybug Loops on Ravelry
Yarn: 92 grams Knitspirations 12 ply in "Water Sprite"
50 grams Cleckheaton Country 12 ply in "Sage"
Needles: 4mm and 5mm Addi Turbo Circulars (30cm in 5mm for legs and 40cm in 4mm and 5mm lengths for everything else)
5mm DPN's for I-cord
Mods: 2x2 rib waistband with eyelet holes for the I-cord drawstring. Medium rise and legs. 4 rounds of garter stitch for the cuffs.

I used every last scrap of yarn for the whole project. I finished the body, and before I started knitting the legs, I divided the yarn that I had left in half. Then I cut it and wound it into 2 balls. I knit until I ran out of yarn for one leg and then trimmed it with the cleckheaton yarn for the cuffs. Did the same for the other leg too.


Kate said...

They look beyond gorgeous. I can't believe how much of a little boy J is nowadays!

Kylie said...

So So cute - love the colour. I am glad that I introduced you to Aussie yarn stores!

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